Canned Ox

Professional studio services for any project.


Canned Ox caters to all photographic needs. Large main studio area, multiple small sets, will build and paint to suit if required.

Canned Ox has plenty of parking for just about any size crew. We host workshops, print shows, social gatherings, and just about any photographic event one could imagine. Convenient access to I95 and public transport.


Canned Ox strives to provide everything one might need for the perfect photographic experience.

We have the latest Profoto lighting gear and just about any modifiers one could want. Sturdy grip, awesome wireless, 4x8 foamcore by the ton, and top-notch 4K teathering stations. Don't have sosomething you need, just ask we can source just about anything same day.


Canned Ox loves the art and craft of the perfect production

We have a vast selection of wardrobe, fabric, paper, and props. No matter how well you plan, there's always that little extra something that just makes the photo. There's a good chance we've got it. Coming in raw? There's a good chance we can help you style just about anything from scratch.

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Canned Ox

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